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Ask the Sexpert

March 23rd, 2012 // 9:03 am @

Q.  I’m not too sure if you’ll be able to help me but I do need some desperate advice. I’ve recently been doing nude modeling for an art class and last night “I came standing to attention” mid-way through. It’s incredibly unprofessional and I’m sure no one signed up for that! I’m really worried it will happen again.  Is there any cream or any advice that could keep it down?

A.  Several “old” tricks may be the answer to your question.

1.  “Relieve” yourself before class.  You may be less likely to go for an unstimulated second round.

2.  Think of as many non-sexual things as possible.  Recite the alphabet in your head.  Think about something gross or unattractive.  Think of anything non-sexual.

3.  Put your penis in ice or cold water right before you go out for your close-up.  The cold water should calm things down.

I hope these help.

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