A black man’s survival guide to dating the black woman 2011

A black man’s survival guide to dating the black woman 2011

November 7th, 2011 // 3:00 pm @

1. Dudes … seriously not every woman is smash/wife/date material … looks/body aren’t everything. Can’t tell you the amount of dudes in love with a hoe right now … Or the amount of guys who fuck up with a woman because he’s just trying to smash. All women are NOT the same … You really should spend some time analyzing women and understanding who goes where and then identify for yourself what you want.

2. Stop fucking fronting for a woman … be yourself… Sooner or later the ugly truth about your lie or fake life will blow up in your face. You’d be surprised what a woman will say if you hit them with the truth.

3. As soon as you can identify if you are dealing with a girl or a woman … What’s the difference? Well the woman you will give strong consideration to being with forever … The girl you will just wanna fuck. The woman gets pregnant, you may be happy about it … the girl you will take to the abortion clinic. God forbid the girl that has your child.

4. From when u meet her … treat her like a QUEEN and accept nothing less than being treated like a KING in return … only sugar daddies should date divas or spoiled chicks.

5. Know your worth … Some dudes chase pussy like it’s a winning lotto ticket … Don’t even understand the power of their OWN sexual man-member rofl … She should crave yours as much as u crave hers … You should value YOURS and only give it to the deserving woman that values hers also.. THE POWER OF THE P has two meanings … Dudes be forgetting … Shit when I die I wanna have mine bronzed like a baby’s first shoe … ROFL .



A black woman’s survival guide to dating the black man 2011 … by Mike Mogul


1. I think that we can all agree that men … maybe especially black men think with their penis. If it is said that a woman decides in 10 minutes if she wants to sleep with you or not … then a man decides within the first 1.1 seconds. With that being said quite honestly a woman/girl/lady must realize the message she’s sending to a man’s penis.

2. You really need to be honest with yourself … and the people you interact with. Are you just dating or are you looking for the one. The bottom line is you aren’t fooling anyone. Pretending to be something you aren’t. Men are dumb but they aren’t stupid.

3. In dating I think you should never dumb yourself down … but I think when matched with a man you think is of “good or great” caliber shit you should step your game up. Treat him like you want to be treated. I think a lot of women/girls/ladies think the guy has to prove something to you. I’m sorry but he’s probably just as rare a commodity as you and be certain that he realizes it. You don’t have to kiss his ass but you should impress each other.

4. Recognize what about a man attracts you and interests you … People are so quick to date a person for the wrong reasons 1. Looks 2. Style 3. Assets 4. Social position. You allow that one aspect to be your “Dream guy” Start looking for a combination of qualities you need instead of getting caught up in 1 aspect. Wake up …

5. Are you losing faith in the men out here … There’s a good chance that shit IT’S YOU … Look in the mirror and allow reality to punch you in the face. What was wrong with the last few guys you dealt with … Did you know it at the onset … Did you think you could change them or made excuses and or compromises for them? Did you think, man I should’ve walked months ago, but stayed … Shit honestly you lost faith in your ability to make a smart decision … Gain faith in YOURSELF!

Make SMARTER decisions ….

by Mike Mogul

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