Poetry Mondays- Lust

Poetry Mondays- Lust

April 2nd, 2012 // 6:48 pm @


Call it what you want
You make me horny when I see you
What is it about you that attracts my inner being
Is it your poetic verses
Or your swagger and style
Maybe I see something that I want and just got to have
From the head to your toes
I am excited about your presence alone
And don’t get me started on your personality
I would be writing for days
My virtual tour consists of your sexy body
I start from your temple and I glide my tongue down your chest to your belly button
My hands lead me to your zipper and it begins to unbutton and pants fall to the floor
But the tour doesn’t stop here
We take a one way ticket downtown with no return flight
So it’s no telling how much air you will need downtown
But the captain will say when enough is enough
Every tour comes with an oxygen mask
So don’t worry
As the climax begins I see your face and it’s refreshing
As a matter of fact it’s a turn on
You begin to return the favor
As I get placed in the passenger seat for my turn on this one way retreat

Courtesy of http://www.ctadams.com/eyes5.html

Written by Eyes

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