Position Tuesdays-The Erotic Roller Coaster

Position Tuesdays-The Erotic Roller Coaster

January 24th, 2012 // 9:45 am @


As your guy lies on his back, straddle him facing his feet. Sitting up straight with your hands on his hips, grind into him slowly for a few minutes, building up intense sensations. Think of the slow climb at the beginning of a roller coaster ride. Then, once you have the ideal angle, you can speed up, letting loose as you vary the depth of penetration. Next, lean back, steadying yourself with your hands (placed next to his sides) until your back presses against his chest. Then bring the racy ride back up again, and repeat until you’re both fully thrilled. Whee!
Because there’s little eye contact, your man feels free to engage in reckless role-playing, a major turn-on for you both. And when you lean back, he’ll be able to caress your breasts, stomach, and clitoris, giving your hot bod the attention it deserves.



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