10 Steps on How to Reach Orgasm Faster 5

10 Steps on How to Reach Orgasm Faster 5

November 18th, 2011 // 7:33 pm @

Sex isn’t about the destination; it’s about the means of traveling. Well, that’s a lovely sentiment, but if it takes five buses, two trains and a plane to arrive at Destination Orgasm, the journey can get a tad tedious! That’s why we want to teach you the way to Destination Faster Orgasms.

5. What type of orgasm are you aiming for?

If it’s clitoral, choose a position where one of you can easily reach your clitoris to stimulate it with your fingers (or better yet, hold a small vibrator there). It’s not cheating; it’s simply acknowledging that’s how our bodies work! If it’s a front wall (G-spot) orgasm you want, try a rear-entry sex position or a you-on-top sex position so his penis is angled the right way. Spread your vaginal lips once he’s inside and press them against him to get maximum friction on your clitoris and the area surrounding the urethra. There’s plenty of evidence to prove this area is also packed with nerve endings.

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