10 Steps on How to Reach Orgasm 2

10 Steps on How to Reach Orgasm 2

November 15th, 2011 // 7:31 pm @

Sex isn’t about the destination; it’s about the means of traveling. Well, that’s a lovely sentiment, but if it takes five buses, two trains and a plane to arrive at Destination Orgasm, the journey can get a tad tedious! That’s why we want to teach you the way to Destination Faster Orgasms.

2. Do your Kegel exercises.

Several factors seem to influence whether women have both multiple and vaginal orgasms (as opposed to clitoral orgasms which are more common): You can’t control the sensitivity of your G spot and other internal spot. But you can strengthen your PC muscles by doing your Kegel exercises. Also, be sure you’re being flexible when it comes to trying different stimulation and orgasm triggers. In other words, when one technique brings you to orgasm quickly, make a note of what worked so you can try it again!

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