What Can We Learn from Rihanna & Chris Brown?

What Can We Learn from Rihanna & Chris Brown?

January 31st, 2013 // 2:33 pm @


What we can learn from Chris Brown and Rihanna:

It’s a new year and an opportunity to be new. I used to cast tremendous shade at Chris Brown and Rihanna. Their media whorish tendencies make my stomach turn. I would find myself thinking “please go sit down! Please!” But over the last couple of weeks, I really have a newfound appreciation of their attitude.   They just don’t give a ____!

Life really is too short to live an unauthentic life. Live for people and things that make you happy. Who gives a damn about other folks’ shade. I challenge you in 2013 to practice a little Chris Brown and Rihanna. Stop caring about other folks shade and live your life!

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