Thursday Erotica- The Loser Gets Fucked

Thursday Erotica- The Loser Gets Fucked

October 25th, 2012 // 3:45 pm @

As in most games of chance, the loser gets fucked and last night I was no
exception. It was late night, about 2 am and we were lying across my
bed playing an innocent game of cards, or so I thought. Me talking
smack and him boasting that he would kick my ass like he did last
time. I told him we should sweeten the pot, “loser gets fucked”, I
told him. He accepted the bet and we continued playing.

By the middle of the game I had a good lead going, “looks like you’re
getting fucked tonight”, I joked. He chuckled and even blushed a
little. He was naked and so was I but he was trying to use his nudity
to distract me. He was laid back, stroking his erect manhood slowly
and licking his lips. “Stop teasing and play,” I giggled.

His deal, last hand, I got the game in the bag now and I’m feeling
frisky. As he shuffled the cards I got into a little teasing of my
own. Watching him deal I made eye contact with him as I lifted my left
tit to my mouth and flicked my tongue over the nipple as I squeezed my
right tit with my hand. “Hope you’re ready to lick me next,” I told
him as he dealt my last card.

“I won I won I won!!” I was now in the middle of my bedroom floor,
bent over, swaying my ass from side to side in victory. “Might as well
come kiss it, you’re gonna be kissing it soon anyway,” I joked. I
smacked my ass, spread my cheeks wide to show him my tight brown hole
and then continued to sway some more.

He grabbed me playfully, pulling me down on the bed, “Aren’t you
supposed to be fucking me?” Before I could answer his lips crushed
mine in a deep kiss. As our tongues mingled, one of his arms wrapped
snugly around my body, the other trailing up and down my left side. I
felt jolts shoot through my body like electrical currents with each
touch. With every new kiss I could feel my body burning up as if it
were on fire.

“Mmmmmm”, I was in pure ecstasy; pulling his lips away from mine he
started trailing kisses down my neck, slowly, and on to my breasts. I
gasped as he enclosed his warm mouth around my nipple. “I thought you
were the one who was supposed to be getting fucked,” I managed to
breath in between gasps and moans. “Oh but I will”, he smirked,
placing a finger over my lips to silence me and recapturing my nipple
in his mouth.

Teasing and sucking on my breasts, hands fondling my body, he was
driving me wild with his tongue and all I could do was lie there and
take it; Writhe and squirm beneath him. He slid further down, planting
tiny kisses on my stomach and teasing my navel. I had to let out a
moan as I felt his fingers unfolding the flesh of my throbbing wet
pussy lips.

Before I could even adjust to the soft flurry of movement as he
planted kisses on my stomach his mouth was in my most intimate of
places. I could feel him, probing me, wet….cool and slippery. “My
God!” I was so horny, so turned, on so wet, so….everything. Arch in my
back, body bucking forward, I was cumming and he was riding every wave
of it, lapping greedily at every drop.

After licking me dry again he shifted his body so that we were in a 69
position; his hard, dripping wet dick hung overhead waiting for me to
take it into my mouth. I stuck my tongue out, tasting the drops of
precum that had formed there “It tastes good Daddy”, I mumbled, mouth
full of his thick, hard, pulsating manhood. “mmm, good pussy”, he
mumbled back.

We bucked up and down in unison. His dick sliding in and out of my wet mouth;
His tongue licking and lapping at my pussy, teeth teasing my clit. We
moaned and groaned, furiously riding each other’s faces until I came
again. Juices exploding all over his face: me, spent and sweaty.

“Un uh, don’t give up on me now. Loser gets fucked and I want my
punishment”, He grabbed me by my legs and threw them open. “Now give
it to me”, He put my legs up on his shoulders and guided himself
towards my soaking wet bald and engorged pussy.

It felt so good as he entered me, forcing my hole wide open. I could
feel how tightly my wall wrapped around him as he attempted to stuff
his whole dick into me. “Mmm oooh unnh” I tried to talk but all I let
out was a series of moans and groans. His body was grinding against
mine and you could hear the sounds of my wetness every time he entered
me again. My pussy was farting, me moaning, him groaning. The room was
filled with the sounds of our passion.

“Baby this shit is so good”, He told me through clenched teeth and
never stopping his thrusting inside of me. “Turn over and let me hit
that shit from the back.” I obliged immediately, rolling over and
poking my ass up in the air; moving it from left to right, “you want
it, come and get it” I giggled….. And he did.

Mounting me like an animal, hands pulling my ass cheeks apart, he
plunged himself deep into me. I let out a sharp scream followed by a
moan and a gurgle. He fucked me forcefully, hands running up and down
my back, settling in my hair and grabbing a fistful. He bucked against
me, talking shit the whole time. I could faintly hear him calling me
Daddy’s little bitch as I zoned out listening to the sound of my ass
slapping against his pelvic area mixed with my own moaning.

“This good pussy gonna make me cum”, he was close and I could feel him
picking up the pace as he rocked against me. I had exploded all over
his dick more times than I could count. I was steady creaming all over
him and couldn’t stop. The way he was pounding into my tight hole now
had me ready to explode again any minute.

“You ready for me baby, where you want me to cum?” I could barely
speak nor catch my breath. “On my ass Daddy, please cum on my ass!!”
He thrust in me again, deep, then as he pulled out he bust a huge nut
all over my ass. I could feel it warm and sticky as he rubbed his dick
in it massaging it into my skin.

“Mmmmm” He groaned. “Baby that felt so damn good.” All I could do was
lay there and nod my head. “If that was winning I can’t wait to see
what it’s like when I lose.” I smiled weakly, closing my eyes and
drifted off to dreamland, never moving, cum all over my ass and back
and totally satisfied.

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