Sultry Saturdays- The Extended Male Orgasm

Sultry Saturdays- The Extended Male Orgasm

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The Extended Male Orgasm:

Usually, all you have to do is stroke a guy here, lick him there, and bam, he’s showing his O face. A no-brainer.  However, that quick-and-easy version is just one kind of climax, experts now say. They’ve discovered there’s also a deeper, more elusive type: the extended orgasm. We know, it sounds like some urban sex legend. But the latest research shows that a specific method of slow, tantalizing, drawn-out foreplay releases three key hormones in a man’s brain- Testosterone, dopamine, and oxytocin-that, when amassed together, ultimately trigger an even longer, more electrifying finale. In fact, the average guy’s climax lasts about five seconds, but with the right amount (and technique) of teasing, it can make him quiver for nearly 30 seconds. Treat your guy to six times his usual bliss with our scientifically proven seduction plan. These steps, when done in order, will unleash what you might call power pleasure.

Step one: Get his dirty thoughts percolating

The goal is a marathon explosion, as we described, not just quick fireworks. And getting him there requires giving your guy plenty of time to fantasize and conjure up racy ideas and visions that really rev his desire-meaning you have to start by turning on his mind way before you ever touch his body. So begin your seduction mission as early as possible (like when you’re both getting ready in the morning), and continue it all day. We’re not talking about the usual obvious moves, like walking around bare- assed so he can ogle your lady parts.

You’ll be more effective if you leave some stuff to his imagination, whether it’s by whispering naughty innuendos in his ear or showing just a silver of high thigh before walking out the door, according to Louann Brizendine, MD, author of the male brain. “When his mind has to fill in the gaps, it gets him mulling over all sorts of sexy possibilities, keeping him enticed and turned on for a long period of time,” she says.

All the sweet torture serves an important purpose: to trigger a hormone double whammy that makes the extended orgasm possible. First, it boosts testosterone, which amps up his libido (as in, his urges). In addition, it increases dopamine, the hormone responsible for creating physical sexual excitement, according to Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, a sex therapist a coauthor of “the better sex guide to extraordinary lovemaking” After you’ve been teasing his brain for hours, his body is brimming with both chemicals.”

Step Two: Touch and Tantalize

Once you get him in the bedroom, the slow tease doesn’t stop. This is when you really up the ante by putting a more concentrated focus on touching your guy-with your fingertips, lips, and breasts during foreplay.

Oxytocin floods th

e brain during climax, explains Dr. Brizendine, and scientists think it may be responsible for giving a guy that tingly-all-over sensation. The more you tease him with skin-on-skin contact, the more the hormone accumulates. Combine that with testosterone and dopamine, and you have the trifecta to intensify and fuel his eventual O. And that’s not all. “Oxytocin also stimulates the squeezing of the ejaculation muscles in his penis,” says Dr. Brizendine. So those contractions will be stronger than usual.”

But there’s a catch: To build up to that explosive climax, you can’t touch him anywhere…and especially not the place he wants it most-no matter how much he begs. “It’s crucial to get just close enough to his genitals without actually going there,” says clinical sexologist Rachel Ross, Md. PhD. Author of Down Right, Feel Right: outer course for him and her. “It creates erotic anticipation. When he has to hold out for the moment you finally go for his penis, his brain gets yet another spike of dopamine.”

Step Three: Use the stop- start trick to end with a big bang

At this point, your guy will be so revved up that he could blast off…if you let him. But to ensure that amazing ending, you need to keep him in an arousing holding pattern. The key is to keep him to the brink of climax repeatedly and then slow down.

The reason this is so effective?” “An orgasm is controlled by the body’s sympathetic nervous system, which is also known as the fight-or-flight system,” says Dr. Brisendine. “This is the mode your body goes into when under stress.” Translation: The more you teasingly stop and start, the more intensifying his arousal. You’ll want to repeat this cycle-getting him to the point of no return and then pulling back-at least two or three times.

If his face becomes flushed, his breathing more rapid, or his muscles extra tense, then those are all signs that he can’t hold back any longer.  “When he does reach that point, it’ll feel like a dam breaking,” says Dr. Ross. His body will be flooded with waves of pleasure that seem to just keep on, ahem, coming.

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