Sexy & Single in Atlanta

Sexy & Single in Atlanta

April 18th, 2012 // 2:36 pm @

I’m a Flirt

Well not really.  I love R. Kelly and TIP’s interpretation of flirting. I’m very safe when it comes to meeting men.  I am pretty old fashion and a little “scary”.

Guess you can say I’m the ANTI-FLIRT.

I’m friendly; I make friends easy but the whole flirty piece; I missed that class. I always assume a friendly man is being well “friendly”. Hence my perpetual home in the best friend forever category. I mean it’s cute to have all these friends but I need a little MORE!!!!

I asked my friend and business partner Sean to share his thoughts with me. I mean what do you see when you see me?  How does he perceive me? I asked him to be honest and he was BRUTAL.

He suggested that I’m too intense. That I look like too much work. That my analytical nature causes me to be perceived as “WORK”.  Thinking too much and not paying attention is leaving me HIGH & DRY. According to Sean, “Men fear rejection and that I look like the ULTIMATE rejecter!”

That was brutal!!!!

My best friend, Pleasant, suggested that I practice making eye contact and flipping my hair to let the guy know “I SEE YOU!”

Sigh. This feels like “animal kingdom”. Why do I have to do all of this to catch a man?

As a girl who prides herself on being approachable, this was a big dose of medicine. Tasted like cod liver oil with no sweet chaser. Damn can I have some peppermints?

I had to look at myself. I am pretty self-involved. I am loud and usually the life of the party but, that’s a mask. I am extremely shy when it comes to men and being vulnerable. These two elements of my nature are hampering my man magnetism.

To get a different result you gotta do something different! As I walked into the party Saturday night, I took off my stunner shades, smiled at this random guy while flicking my hair back and a sultry “Hey” fell from my lips.

He responded. 😉

Well that’s a Start! I’m on the prowl. Cues the music:

Are you flirty? Got any flirty girl tips for SINGLE IN ATLANTA?

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