Sexy & Single in Atlanta

Sexy & Single in Atlanta

February 29th, 2012 // 10:32 am @

Should Every Woman Assume that Her Man Will Cheat on Her at Some Point?

I’m sitting at my computer writing blog posts for the week and I realized that it is hard being an aggressive blogger. I often find myself writing when I should be sleeping and thinking when my mind should be at rest. I sometimes feel like a BLACK CARRIE BRADSHAW and the only difference is that Carrie had a “Mr. Big”.

I don’t have enough tolerance for Carrie’s kind of drama and I am adversely impacted by subpar behavior.

As I write I overhear a commercial of LaLa’s new season on VH-1. LaLa asked the $100,000 question. The question that many women have talked about in private with their closest friends. The questions pertain to women being naive to believe that a man should not cheat and furthermore is fidelity asking too much of today’s modern man? My attention immediately shifted from my writings to LaLa’s commercial. My single girl instincts shouted “OH HELL NAWL LALA!” with a follow up response being “Girl you don’t have to settle for infidelity!” Who cares he’s a multi-millionaire? Who cares he is a super duper star? But my mind began to churn; and I began to question is it unreasonable to believe a man will never cheat?

I think a man or woman can have feelings but it’s a matter of trust and love to keep a person from cheating. It is definitely a call of judgment. If a person really loves you they will JUST SAY NO to infidelity. They will choose love over lust. They will remember the 80% that they have in their significant other and leave the 20% out of their relationship. I feel that infidelity should be a NON____________________ FACTOR in true love.

Am I naive?
Am I living in the CLOUDS?
Is it too much to ask?
What are your thoughts?

Signing Off
~Single in ATLANTA

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