Sexy & Single in Atlanta

Sexy & Single in Atlanta

February 7th, 2012 // 11:29 am @

Sexy & Single in Atlanta


A conversation among Frank Ski and his morning crew with a stripper made me think.  She talked about the highs and lows of the glamorous industry.  She said that she has made as much as $8700 in one night. AMAZING!!!!!!!!  To become a stripper in Atlanta, you must get an Adult Entertainment License form the City for a measly $350.  This made me think: HMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Rick Ross and his crew has spent as much as $1,000,000 on strippers.  This information has a girl thinking.

  1. What exactly does one have to do to become a successful dancer? 
  2. How are their monies taxed?
  3. Is the money enough to move past the social stigma associated with this industry?
  4. I would love to talk to a dancer about their experiences in the industry.  This industry seems recession proof.


“Make the money, don’t let it make you.” ~ Player’s Club




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