Sexy & Single in Atlanta

Sexy & Single in Atlanta

November 22nd, 2012 // 1:14 pm @


“You love me. You like me.” ~Jill Scott

As Thanksgiving and the Holiday season approach; I think we should take inventory of our relationships. I know you all think I am talking about romantic relationships.

Initially, I had romance in mind. I hear music throughout most situations in life. Jill Scott’s line about love and like in “He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat)” made a lasting impression on me the first time I heard it. What an awesome feeling to not only be LIKED but to be LOVED by someone at the same damn time!

I think in this day & time we don’t really get to experience like/love. We love people. We like people. But how many people do you actually have feelings of both LOVE & LIKE?

My guy asked me to share my feelings with him. I told him that I not only loved him but I really like him a whole lot. He smiled and said he had never heard of LIKE/LOVE.

I think we should pursue LIKE/LOVE in all of our relationships. So many people hold on to toxic people for the sake of holding on. We hold on to relationships that expired with the milk last week. We hold on to people because they are FAMILIAR. We hold on to people out of FEAR. We hold on to people because it’s easier to deal with the DEVIL YOU KNOW THAN FIND SOMETHING NEW.

This Thanksgiving, I challenge you to take inventory of your relationships, your friendships, and the people you have allowed to make room in your life. Wouldn’t it be great to have more LIKE/LOVE situations in your life?

Happy Thanksgiving from Single in Atlanta!


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