Sexy & Single in Atlanta

Sexy & Single in Atlanta

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Slip into my Stilettos A Single Gal in ATL.


Hey Yall,

My name is Dea and I am single in Atlanta. Being Single has its perks. I can come and go as I please. I am pretty free to be self-involved and driven without neglecting anybody or anything except my sleep. I am not one of those black women bemoaning the fact that I am single. I don’t view myself as some horrid statistic. I don’t live in fear of being a statistic. I don’t hang on the words of Steve Harvey or any of his contemporaries as the Holy Grail. I fully appreciate their wisdom because let’s face it some women need it. Common sense is not really all that common. I am fully confident that I will meet my Mister in due time. Stepping around Atlanta as a single girl has its unique experiences.

As an astute observer of people, places, and things I have come away with a lot of things to discuss. Atlanta is pretty HAWT. Atlanta is the very heartbeat of Black America. We have so much going on down here. If you have any hustle or grind Atlanta is a place to come and make your dreams come true. But being a single gal strutting around in stilettos it can seem anything but ideal.

According to statistics women outnumber the men 40:1 in Atlanta. So I find it amazing that Atlanta was ranked as the best city in the country for dating. As I read this article my mind drifted. Who did these people poll? Surely they missed my friends both male and female. Living in Atlanta the men seems to have the pick of the litter but upon further inspection just because you have a great quantity that doesn’t mean there’s much quality. As far as being a single black woman in Atlanta the pickings can sometime feel a little slim. But as I read the article instead of feeling like Debbie Downer; I chose to feel empowered. Clearly there are some people making the most out of the dating scene in Atlanta.

You are what you eat and you are what you think. So starting 2012 I am working on my diet along with my attitudes regarding dating. Positivity attracts positivity and negativity attracts the negative. Being in the most celebrated city for a young gifted black woman is totally awesome. I plan on enjoying my city and the dating scene will be my newest adventure. I hope you choose to tune into the Single Life ATL’s edition.

Until next time; BYE YALL!

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