Poetry Mondays- Loving You

Poetry Mondays- Loving You

March 5th, 2012 // 12:56 pm @

“Loving You…”

 by Ancient117331

How my thoughts
are racing soooo…
I just whispered aloud –
“I love you…”,
and have the softest feeling –
for real,
no teasing.

You ‘get’ to me so damn easy…
I don’t know or understand why
or how –
you just do.
It’s because…
somehow… we… belong.
I know…
silly me.

I melt at some awkward times
and just shake my head at others.
But I want to hold you so tight
and make love to you
and hold you close afterward
and make love to you
and just ‘be’ with you
and love you.

Woman…the thoughts that just race by
physical… mental…
my stomach is a big knot
and I want to sing,
smile… just laugh…
shake it off…
but can’t.

I want you curled with me,
around me,
on me.
I want to be in you –
a part of you…
held so very tight and close…
and never let go.
I want to touch you,
mentally, physically…
and more –
so much more.
I want to play
and ‘be’
as only we can.

How my thoughts
are racing soooo…
such is the beginning
of ‘loving’ you…
silly me

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