Poetry Mondays-

Poetry Mondays-

February 27th, 2012 // 8:13 pm @


Lonliness lost,
to a new-found love.
Someone special sent to me
from somewhere up above.

Kindness he shows,
with the love he has.
Only God knows,
why I feel so glad.

He looks at me,
and my troubles disappear.
Now I pray,
that he was only here.

For every day,
that he is gone,
I love him more.
I feel more fond.

He touches my soul,
like none other before.
When he tries to console me,
I fall in love that much more.

I wish for him,
everything he desires,
because I watch the night sky,
thinking of his eyes I so admire.

I hope I will soon awake,
and this dream will be true.
I will then be with my love.
I will then be with you.
by Echo Mercedes Carter

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