Love Lyrics- Bad Girl

Love Lyrics- Bad Girl

March 10th, 2012 // 6:18 pm @

Ooh, work me baby..shakin it in the way i like I am ready to be bad..i need a bad bad girl..say yea..get at me bad girl What sexy lady┬┤s comin home home with me tonight im ready to be bad I need a bad girl..super bad baby..get at me bad girl

Verse 2 Now i seen a lot of broads..all on one accord..everyone look the same but Take a look at my dame..she take that hypnotica alaze There aint much more i can say but..i need a bad girl If you are a bad one thou on the bar now Chick need a drink on the floor now Look at them had girls movin it..makin faces while they doin it Ah, i wanna one hit to the close i am smellin like your perfume If you are a a bad girl..get at me bad girl

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Bad Girl By Usher

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