Erotica Thursdays- Brooklyn Bridge

Erotica Thursdays- Brooklyn Bridge

March 8th, 2012 // 1:57 pm @


He searched her eyes for any sign of hesitation and all he saw was surety. Her eyes never wavered from his and the slight smile on her face told him it was okay to proceed. He hungered after her in an animalistic way, but he knew he had to be gentle with her.


She wrapped her legs around his waist and removed her bra.


He didn’t take his eyes from her eyes to even examine the body she was putting on display.


She moved her hands to the back of his neck and leaned forward to kiss him. His hands circled her waist tightly as their tongues made love and their bodies warmed.


Erin unbuckled his belt and unfastened his jeans. Lance maneuvered out of his Jordans and allowed the jeans to fall to the floor. He pushed her body further onto the pool table and laid her body flat. He climbed on top and nibbled on her neck. He made his way up to her ear, filling her ear with his tongue. Erin trembled at the sensation he caused to flow through her body.


Lance returned to her neck…pleasing it before warmly kissing her shoulder blade…her chest. He rubbed her breast with the palm of his hand…kneading her nipple with his thumb and forefinger before tasting it. She gripped his head firmly as his hot mouth and wet tongue consumed her. His tongue circled her nipple…flicking it until it was unyielding.


Lance gripped her waist as he tasted her abdomen all over. He kissed and nibbled from one side to the next…until her panties blocked the part of her body he wanted most. He tugged at them, not fully uncovering her treasure, but just enough to expose the section of her body that separated her belly and her thigh. He ran his tongue across her pelvis, kissing, and softly biting her flesh.


He smiled in the midst, not missing the gentle pressure she applied…wanting his head to go further down.


He lifted her leg…biting the back of her knee and moving to the inside of her thigh. He let his tongue walk up and down her inner thigh…suckling…kissing…heating her body up. His tongue grazed the edge of her panties…gliding over…reaching the other thigh. He repeated the attention he gave to the other thigh…not missing an inch.


He lifted both of Erin’s legs up and put them together. He dipped his thumbs into the sides of her panties…slid them down over her plump ass and down her legs until they reached their final destination…the floor.


Just in that moment Erin became self-conscious…covering her face as she realized he kept a steady eye on her most precious gift.


Lance noticed her shame and kissed her mound over and over again. He spread her legs apart so he could enjoy all of her. He ran his index and middle finger across the scope of her pussy…wetting his fingers before pressing inside.


Her hands still covered her face and he didn’t want her to feel ashamed of anything. He crept up to meet her face and used his free hand to remove her hands from her face, while his other hand continued to massage her into sublime bliss.


Lance: You are beautiful.


Erin couldn’t form the right words to say…so she remained silent. She wasn’t a very sexual person but he knocked down her guard in such an unexpected way. She kissed him passionately and allowed herself to relax under the weight of him. She enjoyed the fire he was building up inside of her.


Lance withdrew his fingers from inside of her and escaped from her lips. He reached down where his jeans lied in a heap on the floor and grabbed the condom out his wallet. He crawled out of his Calvin Klein boxer-briefs and applied the condom.


Her eyes watched him and he smiled at her. He took her hand and placed it around his dick and began to guide her into motion.


Erin was hoping her eyes didn’t give her away. She was pleased with the length and width of it…and was even slightly nervous that it may be too big. She hadn’t offered herself to a man in almost two years and was just hoping that much like riding a bike she hadn’t forgotten how to do it.


He didn’t need her to massage him. Before she even touched him he was already hard but he just wanted her touch. So she massaged his dick…keeping a steady, rhythmic motion as Lance tilted his head back and enjoyed the feeling.


Lance removed her hand and lied down on top of her. He pushed his tongue into her mouth as he simultaneously entered her. Her walls tightly closed around him and she clutched his biceps in an effort to lessen the pressure he applied to her pussy. Heat consumed her body as he began to rock inside her. With every thrust he made, rolling thunder built up inside of her.


Lance noticed that she kept covering her mouth to keep her noises compressed so he removed her hand.


Lance: Don’t hold it in. I want to know if I’m making your body feel good.


Erin: Mmmmm…you are…oh my goodness…I feel really good!


Lance: Baby you feel so good too…shittttt…you so tight!


Erin opened herself to him…no more holding back. She turned him over onto his back and began to ride him. She circled her pussy around his dick until his nails were digging into her waist. Her pussy molded his dick precisely and the sensation of it filling her made her juices flow.


Lance: Wait, wait, wait baby…nooooooo


Erin: Don’t hold it in.


Lance smiled at the thought of her giving him back his own advice. The tension continued to build inside of him as he began to drift into outer-space…she was right there with him.


Their moans and groans coincided as their breaths became one.


Erin dug her fingers into his shoulders as every muscle in her lower region tightened. The stiffness around his dick made his body quake as their rip tides collided. Their bodies shuddered as passion filled the room. Erin collapsed in his embrace…resting her head on his chest. His quickened heartbeat boomed through her ear…and then she laughed…


Lance: What is so funny?


Erin lifted her head and folded her arms on his chest. She propped her head on top of her arms.


Erin: The look on that mom’s face when she saw her son with that green eye shadow on. PRICELESS!!!


Lance let out a hefty laugh and cradled her in his arms…


The End!!!




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