Ask the Sexpert

Ask the Sexpert

January 27th, 2012 // 8:38 am @

Q.  After having my third child, I completely lost my libido.  My husband constantly makes reference to my baby weight.  What should I do?

A.  Loss of libido is very common after childbirth.  As long as you are still willing do have sex, but you just don’t have the desire, then there is an easy fix.  Remind your husband of how hot things were before children.  Plan a date night, without the kids, and seduce your mate.  Sexiness is not only external, it also comes within.  You have to find YOUR sexy.  If you are self-conscious, leave the lights off, wear full-coverage lingerie, or even ask your mate to work out with you.  Exercise can cause healthy blood flow to the genitals, which will definitely increase your libido.  So, get active in the gym and in the bedroom.  Happy Sex!!!!

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