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Ask the Sexpert?

August 10th, 2012 // 5:52 pm @

“Soaking the Bed: One Orgasm at a Time”


A lot of women wonder after orgasm, “did I just pee on myself?”  No, that’s not pee, that’s called “female ejaculation” (yes, we can do it too!)  Women produce between 2 tbsps and 2 cups of “gspot fluid” that we either push out or get pushed back in during an amazing, earth shattering orgasm.

When the g-spot is stimulated, it begins to fill with g-spot fluid and gets bigger, making the g-spot easier to find and stimulate.  When the g-spot feels like it’s about to explode, the female pushes her pelvic muscles down and imagines herself releasing the ejaculate.

Now, this is where a lot of women wonder if they are going to pee.  Female ejaculation works the exact same way a man’s does.  When he gets excited and erect, does he pee all over you when he ejaculates?  No.  It’s physically impossible!  The same thing is true with a woman.  When she gets excited and erect (the clitoris does get an erection) then her urethra changes over from pee to cum just like a man’s does.

Now, the ejaculation does 1 of 2 things.  Either she ejaculates out, which we refer to as “squirting” or she ejaculates in, which is called a retrograde ejaculation.  If she retrogrades, the ejaculate goes into her bladder and she’ll have an urge to pee immediately after orgasm.

Now, if she can push the fluid out (and yes, a woman can train and learn this skill) then the Skene’s Glands, the urethra, and other vaginal-area ducts get pushed into the vaginal canal, resulting in a drip effect, hence the puddle on the bed sheets.  If she would like to propel it, then she’ll need to contract the PC muscles at just the right point.

G-Spot fluid or female ejaculate, is citrus-smelling and sour tasting.  It is also very slippery. To experience an orgasm so releasing and freeing, try with a toy first.  Once comfortable with their body, it will be easier to incorporate a partner in this quite pleasurable act.

Happy Wet Orgasms!

Love, Your Sexpert

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