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Ask the Sexpert

March 16th, 2012 // 2:16 pm @

Q.  I have heard that anal sex can be good, but I am scared to try.

A.  The good part about the anus is that there are millions of pleasure-providing nerve endings, but the bad part is there is no natural lubrication.  Anal sex can also be painful upon entry.  My two best pieces of advice are to use a ton of lube and try a good anal desensitizer.  Moist Anal Lube and Anal Ease

When you try anal for the first time, make sure to relax, lube up, and pick a position that will offer shallow penetration.  When stimulated properly, your lover can hit your g-spot during anal.  You will find this orgasm to be extremely powerful.  Refer to Tickle My Tush for tips and pointers!

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