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Ask the Sexpert

March 8th, 2012 // 4:00 pm @

Q.  My boyfriend wants to try a strap-on.  I am comfortable with our sexuality, but I don’t know what kind or type to try.  Any ideas?

A.  A lot of heterosexual couples are experimenting with anal play.  I’m assuming you mean he wants you to penetrate him.  We have a lot of different strap on options on our site.  Try our vac-u-lock system of straps.  The harness and plug are universal, but you can switch the “dongs” for variety.  Color, size, girth, length, you name it; we have something for everyone.

The good thing about the back door in both women and men is there are a TON of nerve endings, but the bad thing is that there is no natural lubrication.  You’ll want to use a good anal or silicone lube for your bedroom play.  Try anal ease to desensitize before entry.  Lastly, and best of all, you can stimulate the g-spot in women and the prostate in men from back door play.  Both yield some powerful orgasms.

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