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Ask the Sexpert

March 9th, 2012 // 3:42 pm @

Q.  My man takes forever to orgasm when I’m performing oral favors on him.  HELP!

A.  Add more foreplay before you start to give him head.  Make sure he’s really turned on.  Let him know what you plan to do to him for the rest of the night, outside of the oral.  Also, proceed with caution and try stimulating his perineum.  This is the space between his balls and anus.  It is a small patch of skin packed with nerve endings.  With the right pressure you can make him have a STRONG orgasm.  Feeling more daring?  Try adding a bullet to the activities.  Put it on the outside of your cheek when giving head and he’ll have the hummer of his life.  If you are really comfortable with him, try and stimulate his anus with your tongue, a finger, or even a bullet.

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