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Ask the Sexpert

February 10th, 2012 // 12:46 pm @

Q.  I recently started dating this woman who is 35.  I’m extremely attracted to her.  While out having dinner, she told me that she doesn’t do oral sex.  She doesn’t give and has no interest in receiving.  Can I attribute the lack of head as the reason why she is single?

A.  I wouldn’t say it’s the reason why she is single, per se.  It is not the absence of performing oral sex that could be the reason for her being single, rather the unwillingness to please her partner.  There is a hole for every peg, so to speak.  Not everyone is as into oral sex-giving or receiving, as you would think.  If you really like her and see a future, inform her that this is a deal breaker for you.  See how she reacts and act accordingly.  At least she was upfront, so neither of you went into a situation with unrealistic expectations.

Hope that helps!

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