15 Minute Orgasm

15 Minute Orgasm

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Taken from Cosmopolitan.com

Step 1:

First, get undressed and lie on your back using a pillow for neck support. Your legs should be bent and spread, feet together in butterfly position. If this makes your hips uncomfortable on one or both sides, just put pillows underneath the knees.

Your guy should sit to your right side on top of at least two pillows and straddle his bent left leg perpendicularly across her torso, foot flat on the opposite side. (It almost looks as if he’s on top in reverse cowgirl position, except his weight will be to the side of your torso.)

Step 2:

Have him separate your labia and retract the clitoral hood upward with the heel of the palm. The he’ll anchor the clitoris with the right thumb by holding the hood back. He should put his left hand under your butt, two fingers under each cheek, with the thumb resting on (not in) the base of the entrance to the vagina.

Step 3:

The guy should imagine he’s looking directly at the clitoris from between her legs, with the top of the clitoris as 12 o’clock on a clock face. He’ll then find 1 p.m.—ideally a small indentation or pocket between the hood and clitoris—with his right hand’s index finger, and begin stroking using the lightest touch possible and only 1/16″ or so of movement. The tip of the finger is better than the pad, so make sure he cuts his nails beforehand.

Step 4:

Once he finds it, you probably won’t be able to take more than a very light touch. So ask him to stroke like a metronome at a constant speed for periods of two to three minutes, changing speed between periods. Have him keep this up for 15 minutes. You’ll most likely start to feel intense pleasure. If the orgasm contractions are a bit too much, breathe deeply and push out slightly as if you were going to pee. (Don’t worry, as long as you emptied your bladder beforehand, you won’t actually pee.) This will help you extend the plateau and minimize fatigue.

Step 5:

Once the 15 minutes have elapsed, he should do something called “grounding”, which just means applying strong pressure down on the pubic bone and up toward your head, using overlapping hands. (It sort of looks like he’s doing chest compressions, only on your nether regions.) Usually the strongest possible pressure the most pleasurable for ending a session.

We know, it sounds too simple to bring on a 15-minute climax. But the author himself tested it out and spoke with a number of sexperts to perfect the process. Give it a try then report back in the comments section.

Reprinted with permission from THE 4-HOUR BODY by Timothy Ferriss. Copyright © 2010. Published by Crown Archetype/Publishers, a division of Random House, Inc.

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